“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten”

Rudyard Kipling


History & Mythology

History is a story.  Our lives are made up of stories.  Somewhere, back in the foggy landscape of time, our personal lives touch the history that belongs to everyone.  You, me, and all those we come into contact with, go back far enough, and you will find we are related.

Most of the stories of creation have something in common; a nebulae turned into a universe. The creation myths tell us this is so. 

That means we have common ancestors. The story of Adam and Eve, is our story.  The story of the great flood, is our story. The story of Alexander the Great, is our story. Rome’s destruction of Carthage, is our story. The French Revolution, is our story.  Mao’s killing millions of his own people, that too, is our story. 

All the stories, whether they are based in fact, or fiction, have truth. We learn from these truths. 

I am here to tell you the truth. About you. And me, and all those we know or will know. For stories are seamless in time. Stories never lose their grip on humanity. We ignore the ancient lessons at our peril. So do not ignore them.

I tell the stories, so that you learn. For you are my mission. Informing you is what I do. 

Edifying, teaching, assisting you in walking a path of goodness and prosperity in all things, that is why I get up in the morning. For that is the power of stories. 

I tell stories and teach classes on all platforms: live, video, online New classes begin in February.