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For Shakespeare fans, actors, directors and site interpreters!

These books of Early Modern English will help you understand the language, and speak it in your own way. 

Note: Speaking the Speeche has an audio program.

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Three novels and one play. Three stores are centered around the Ten Crucial Days of the American Revolution. The 4th is a story about the underground railroad, and Harriet Tubman. 

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The Poet & Scribe

Getting married? Is your dream to have you very own marriage ceremony, written exclusively for you and your bride or groom? These one-of-a-kind ceremonies are printed up in missal sized books; one for the bride, one for the groom, and a copy for the officiant.

You can also write your own ceremony, from the tips in my book, Wedding Ceremonies of the Historically Inclined.

But wait, there‚Äôs more! I write sonnets for warriors, skilled craft people, monarchs of all levels, dedications, and elegies. Fill out the contact form for further information.