Thanksgiving, and a new perspective on the 21st century

Not Your Average History Lesson

What is the point of the study of history if you don’t get the takeaways? Ask yourself, did you learn stuff applicable to your life today in that history class your school forced you to take?

Probably not.

History teachers load you up with events, dates, wars and politics, right? They told you about kings and politicians, but left out something important.

Your ancestors. And what you can learn from their lives. Because we cannot help but repeat the bad decisions of the past if we don’t understand what was stupid and what was brilliant.

Come, learn the story, and take away the knowledge that can change the way you think about the past.

Join me in this webinar to learn

  • about people who stopped complaining and took action
  • how the Puritans formed their teams to change their lives
  • how risky was the trip on the Mayflower, and the data on the migration from Europe
  • what was known about infectious diseases
  • to take an objective view on the past
  • be grateful in spite of what the elitists tell you

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Join us on Thursday, November 18
@ 7pm PST

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About the Host

Laura Crockett

Laura Crockett is a practical historian and a storyteller.  She is the author of 14 books, three of them historical fiction for young adults. She is a producer of events and instructional packages on Renaissance dancing, and Early Modern English.  She has narrated three books. When she is not teaching history to students around the world, she is learning new stories to record. You can see her videos on Vimeo and Youtube.