History is Never Dull! 

The study of history has been taken over by school teachers and professors who are given a script to recite, and you are/were supposed to learn from that droning lecture about the past. The history text books you read were a good cure for insomnia! 

Am I right? 

Shame, shame, shame on a school system that takes one of the more exciting subjects and turns it into a politically correct, lecture, on the evils of dead white men. Or, they give you romantic balderdash, i.e., the Disney treatment.


History, however, is a story. That is the only way to approach it. Archeologists and anthropologists give us the hard science of the past, but the narrative belongs to us: those who tell stories. The Seanchais. 

Mythology, the word means story, is the inner narrative of the past. Myths, folk stories and religious texts, are about good conduct. From these stories we get our ethics, morality, good manners and spiritual ideas. 

Beginning in February, 2023, I will offer the following classes on an international platform:

Dressing for the Ages: History as Told by a Dress

Shakespeare in Our World: understanding Shakespeare in our modern context

History for Writers and Creators; the unusual stories of the past that need telling

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